Why should you choose Cross-Linked Polyethylene foam over Polyurethane?

With over 40 years experience in Wall Padding, we asked our experts here at Tiffin: 

“In my opinion, I feel that wainscot wall panels consisting of 1-3/8″ trocellen filler are a far better product for wall protection in the wresting room than 2” Polyurethane.

Most HS Gymnasiums have wall panels of 2″ Polyurethane because most Athletic Directors do not understand that 1-3/8″ trocellen has better shock absorption than 2″ polyurethane. Their logic is that 2″ foam is better than 1-3/8″ foam, but this is not true.

A true test of this is to (using your first) punch both a 2″ polyurethane panels and a 1-3/8″ trocellen panel. You will feel your first bottom out (hit the plywood back board) on the 2″ polyurethane while same force struck by the first on the 1-3/8″ trocellen is still being absorbed.

One more point, the 1-3/8″ trocellen panels are easier to install (lighter weight) and easier to install cutouts corners (panel is less thickness).”

Wainscoting Specs

  • 7/16″ OSB board backing
  • 18 oz. tear resistant vinyl fabric
  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • Comes in 1-3/8″, and 2″ cross-linked polyethylene foam core.
  • Also available in 2″ thick Polyurethane foam core.

Recommended for Wall Surfaces Made of:

  • Brick
  • Drywall
  • Concrete Block Walls
  • Ceramic Tile

Our panels use a durable 18oz vinyl fabric and cross-link polyethylene foam core that is made to last for many years. 

We offer 3 standard size wall panels that we are able to customize in order to fit any size room for continuous protection.

*Lip and no-lip option available

*Prices and Shipping Subject to change


Custom Painting Available

Make an impact with your impact-protecting wainscoting wall panels with customized colors and logos painted by one of our in-house artists.

Wainscoting Color Options:













  • Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foam Core (CLP Foam Core)
  • Dual Foam Core
  • Polyurethane Core

CLP Foam Core

Starting at $53

Dual Foam Core

Starting at $58

Polyurethane Core

Starting at $63

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Many of our competitors buy their products from overseas, mark up the price, and sell the product to you. Here at Tiffin we have superior products and we quote match our competitors prices. Our products have been manufactured in the USA. We take pride in employing athletes and coaches from our local community.

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